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Below are some testimonials from satisfied customers!

"I, James H. Glodde highly recommend having Steve Schneider, Septic System Designer, design & put in place a Septic System.

Living 2,300 miles away from the Spokane, WA area, I needed someone experienced and competent in fulfilling this job.

Every time I called Steve (by phone) he always answered, or called back within a few hours. Steve was also up front with me. He explained all that was needed to finish my Septic System correctly."

--James H. Glodde

"Recently I and my wife took on the challenge of purchasing a piece of raw land in the Spokane area. I
say "challenge" because that is exactly what it was. Buying raw land is probably the hardest thing I have
ever tried to purchase. It is not like going to the local car dealership and selecting the car you want and
driving away with it.
The bank that we were going to get a loan from requested that the property we wanted to make an
offer on pass a "perk test" to get approved for the loan. The perk test is a way to ensure you can build a
house on the property if it is intended to be lived on. This perk test is not as simple as it sounds. You no
longer just drill a couple of small holes and pour water in them. You have to dig several large holes
looking for the best place to install a septic system. You also need to hire the right engineer for that job.
This is where Steve Schneider from Septic System Design came in and saved the day. Steve is an=
expert on soil analysis and is very familiar with the whole perk test process that you have to go through
with the health department. He was instrumental in leading us through the process. He not only led us
through the process but also save my wife and I thousands of dollars on our septic system by locating
and area on our property that we could install the most cost effective septic system.
I would definitely recommend Steve Schneider to anyone looking to install a septic system.

-Brian Gerber

"I was in the process of building a home and hired an engineer to design my septic system. He was having

a problem getting the system passed through the Health Department so he recommended Steve

Schneider to design the system and get it approved. Steve took my design job and not only got the system

passed, but I ended up hiring him to install it. Because of his help, I was able to keep to my construction



-John F.


"A disaster broke out in our house. Our septic/sewage kept backing up in our home. Tired of having
the system pumped, I called Test Hole Design and spoke to Steve. From the beginning he was honest
and open about what to expect and I was able to plan. I called 2 other septic installers/planners (as I
did not know anything about septic systems at the time) and Steve was well recommended and well
respected within his market. The information they were telling me was right in tune with what
Steve was telling me. Our system was extremely difficult as our basement is well below ground level
meaning that Steve had to go much deeper than normal. Steve was able to dig really large deep hole,
in our little backyard, and he was really careful not to destroy the plants and property. The best part is
he was able to complete it in 5 days. I would recommend Steve to anyone in need of a septic work.


Curtis Frye, CPA

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