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Our Process

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Perc Holes:
This method of pouring water into a pit to see how fast the soils takes in the water has NOT been used for over 30 years.

            I excavate test pits in the area where you and  I determine will be the best area for your system. Then I go into the 6 foot deep pit and examine the soils. This will determine how big and what type of system to use. Some times we have to change locations to get a lower level of treatment, which means a possible saving of money.

            Then I design the system. The design book that you get from me will have a nice auto cad design, illustration of  how to construct system, how to maintain system, and specification sheets for materials used. I will also give the cost to install this system . You may use any licensed installer of your choose or use me to install your system. Then I will do a record drawing of how the system was installed, and inspect the system to make sure it meets plans and specifications.


With Septic Systems you can’t see the quality of the install after backfill. You can find out if it was a bad install if it fails. This is why it is very important to select a quality installers. I can give you a list, or  ask neighbors and friends who they were happy with.


1) Gravity systems. In my design manual it covers things you should watch for. But these systems have low maintenance. All systems that are brand new, should have your tank filter cleaned yearly and your tank pump ,the first time at 3 years. Ask your professional pumper if he/she thinks you can go longer next time.

2)Simple pressure systems might have a filter around the pump which should be cleaned yearly.  But when you have your septic tank pumped you should have the pump chamber cleaned also.

3) Drip systems. Must have service every 6 months.  You are required to sign a 2 year service contract when  the system is new. If this system does not get serviced it can cost way more than having the system regularly serviced.

Going Green:

I can do special designs that have lower impact to the environment and help with some of the irrigation.
There is in the works to allow use of your gray water (sink, shower and etc. water) for irrigation.

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